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Darien Wilde aka Lionheart's guide to trolling. ^_^
8.) The Average User
Advanced level trolling tactics (update April 17, 2007)
1.) The Board Critic
2.) The Newbie
3.) The board Elitist/Vet
4.) The Troll Slayer
5.) The Flunky
6.) The "Girl"
7.) The Hardcore Flamer/Bad Ass
8.) The Average User
9.) The Voice of Reason
10.) The Followers
11.) The Other Trolls
12.) The Leader
13.) The Moderator
14.) The Hacker
15.) Hybrids
16.) The Spectator
Trolling 101
17.) The troll wannabe
Other trolls say:
Intermediate level trolling tactics

Trolling is an art form, and there are a lot of things to know about it. I will cover all of those things on this site. If you need help with anything else, ask me. Contact me at

8.) The average user: This guy is used to trolls, and occasionally flames, and occasionally doesn't say anything in the topic you make to troll. He can deal with a little trolling, and will respond with things like *marks, and *Post in topic, or *ignores. The rest of the times he either post asinine flames or ignores the topic all together. However, the thing is, as time wares down, he will become more and more frustrated with the trolling going on. Keep trolling, and eventually he'll start to respond to more and more topics you make, getting more and more vicious with his response, until his inevitable banning. This user is the most common user you'll find, and you want to deal with him by trolling longer than he can stand it. Outlast him. Don't use all your best material on him, because he's seen it before.


Tips on how to deal with him: Look at trolling 101. Just keep up your trolling for a long enough period of time, and he'll buckle under pressure. He's a routine guy to deal with, and one that you'll just get better at handling with time. The more you troll, the quicker your run thru these guys.


Difficulty: 5/10

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