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Darien Wilde aka Lionheart's guide to trolling. ^_^
Other trolls say:
Advanced level trolling tactics (update April 17, 2007)
1.) The Board Critic
2.) The Newbie
3.) The board Elitist/Vet
4.) The Troll Slayer
5.) The Flunky
6.) The "Girl"
7.) The Hardcore Flamer/Bad Ass
8.) The Average User
9.) The Voice of Reason
10.) The Followers
11.) The Other Trolls
12.) The Leader
13.) The Moderator
14.) The Hacker
15.) Hybrids
16.) The Spectator
Trolling 101
17.) The troll wannabe
Other trolls say:
Intermediate level trolling tactics

Here I will post mail I have received from other trolls. I'll of course keep the e mail address blotted out unless they have indictaed otherwise. Also, if your message is up here and you want it taken down, just drop me a line as always. Note: I've gotten a dozen or so hate mails over the past few weeks or so. I read them, but most aren't amusing enough to warrant me putting them up. Anyway, I've gotten almost 2 hundred e mails about the site, so I can't put them all up. So sorry to people who sent intelligent things that aren't up here.

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From: *******  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Your guide to trolling is a masterpiece!
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 04:54:32 +0000

Hello. I think your guide to trolling is one of the most well written 
                                    and hilarious documents I have ever read in my life. I am a veteran 
                                    troll around gamefaqs message boards too, although I have only been banned 
                                    a mere 5 times.
                                    I can't believe how accurate and descriptive your guide is. EVERYTHING 
                                    in it is TOTALLY TRUE! This guide of yours is a reflection all of my 
                                    personal thoughts I have had during my career as a troll only much more 
                                    organized, completely coherent, and beautifully written down. I have had 
                                    my spirits broken by the moderators there everytime I have been banned, 
                                    and I even swore to never waste my life talking to those losers again, 
                                    although after reading your guide, I have summoned the courage to get 
                                    back into the business and improve my own trolling methods. I noticed 
                                    flaws in my trolling methods that your guide points out and corrects with 
                                    tips and tactics. 
                                    I only have one question. I can't make a new account at gamefaqs 
                                    because they somehow recognize my ISP address and it prohibits me from making 
                                    a new account. Is there anyway to change your ISP address? You have 
                                    been banned over 100 times! How did you make new accounts on your PC after 
                                    that? I hope you can get back to me soon, cuz I really want to use my 
                                    newfound power on the thousands of losers polluting those forums. But if 
                                    you cant help me out, its no big deal. Unlike the losers on those 
                                    boards who spends hours a day posting senseless shit all over the place, I 
                                    have a life, and it wont really matter to me if I cant do it again. Oh 
                                    yes, I am ONLY interested in trolling at gamefaqs because I many grudges 
                                    with people there and need to get my revenge on them... mwahahaha!!! 
                                    ignore that please... Thanx for your time and help. Later fellow troll.

Sorry for being so late getting back to you, but I haven't been able to check my e mail in a very long time. Thanks for the compliments about the site, and I'm adding a little more to it soon. As for you account problem, gamefaqs has listed your isp as bad or abysmal if you can't make accounts, but there is a way around this. By using a proxy server, you can disguise your isp and make a new account. Do a quick google search, which should reveal some good sites for proxies. There are also a number of very discriptve tutorials on how to use proxies, but if you have any further questions about using proxies, then just drop me a line, preferably via aim. My aim in lionheartindeed, but I'm not on often. I'll be checking my e mail more often though, so you should be able to reach me by e mail much faster now. Anyways, peace my fellow troll.

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 02:52:00 +0000 (GMT)
From: Send an Instant Message "l j" <*****>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: trolling guide

Hi read your trolling guide, made me want to troll
                                    again (i kinda gave up.  You know when you are done
                                    with a trolling a board and end up moving in?  Always
                                    a problem since i only end up trolling in places i'd
                                    usually hang out anyway).
                                    Was thinking tho, your site only deals with board
                                    users and not actual methods of trolling.  you should
                                    have a list of ways of trolling, just incase your
                                    method gets stale, have a few tried and tested
                                    techniques to fall back on.
                                    IMO you have to have a gimmick, and stick to it.  its
                                    easier to come up with material if ou're playing a character.

I couldn't agree with you more. And thanks for the idea about the section. I'll definiely do some advanced and intermediate trolling FAQs in the near future. The part that you said about a troll needing a  gimmick is particularly true.

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Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 22:10:02 0000
From: "jamesp"  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Guide to trolling

Hi Eddy, 
                                    Heres my review:
                                    'This is magnificent piece of anthropological work by Lionheart, his 
                                    time in the field has yielded great insight into the sport and his 
                                    enthusiasm for the subject is as impressive as his knowledge.
                                    I'd perhaps disagree with the dismissal of 'the flunky' as tag-team 
                                    trolling or a trolling-krew has proven to be an effective strategy in my 
                                    extensive experience. I'll be emailing Lionheart with my thoughts on 
                                    this at a later stage. Obviously this guide will grow and expand with time 
                                    as new forms of trolling emerge. I think this has the scope of Origin 
                                    of species.'
                                    I'd be honoured if you'd include my comments on the site.  I'm 
                                    currently about 100 gfaqs accounts in, as is my colleague, trolling-partner and 
                                    RL best friend Crunt.  I was KoSed about a year ago, but allowed to 
                                    have accounts as long as I don't refer to myself as jamesp.  I'm surprised 
                                    I got it, because I never made death threats, post really offensive 
                                    messages or try to hack anyone.  Guess I just got under the right skins.  
                                    As you've observed, trolling is an art, and when on a roll, the troll 
                                    is at the top of the MB foodchain.  I've burnt out a bit due to 
                                    overtrolling and I'll never regain the flava I had at the peak of my prowess, 
                                    but I regret none of it.
                                    I'd be interested in your opinion regarding the motives of a troll.  
                                    The whole attention-seeking thing is BS, personally for me it was a form 
                                    of intellectual bullying, showing other people how you can take a 
                                    completely ludicrous position and argue the case no matter what anyone 
                                    throws at you.  I once recall sucessfully arguing why sexual abuse is good 
                                    for world peace.  I never believed it of course, it was all just a game.  
                                    My thoughts on troll motive?  Its the comedy value of it all, seeing 
                                    some jerk suicide their account or smug cunt leave a board they hung on 
                                    for years because you toyed with them, is a delight to witness.  Its 
                                    hard, demanding work and I have the upmost respect for a top-end troll.
                                    The user-type (not catalogued by you) who I regard with the most 
                                    disdain?  The troll-wannabe.  This is a twat who brags about being a troll 
                                    but who hasn't earned their stripes, someone who has suicided dozens of 
                                    accounts on MBH isn't a troll, they are someone who suicides accounts.  
                                    Trolling is about what you can get away with, not about getting banned.
                                    Trolling in groups worked for me, I've always sought out fellow trolls 
                                    and you're correct about trolls respecting each other, the most clever 
                                    posters I've met have been utter trolls.
                                    Anyway best wishes and all that,
It's always an honor to get a response from a troll as good as
James was right on a number of different levels. Its indeed true that I missed
                                    of the types of trolls. The troll wannabe. James pretty much
summed up the troll wannabe,
                                    so in that section I'll
 be sure to give him credit. Also, to those of you
                                    didn't already know, James P and crump are
in fact actually different people. Mistake
                                    on my part,
and one thats been addressed on the site. Trolling with
                                    is still a very effective way to troll
however, and one that should not be ignored. As
                                    for why
trolls troll? For me, I troll because I like seeing the way
                                    people react. I'm a reactions person and I love
getting people riled up, or seeing how
                                    they react
to controversy. People on the internet are so
                                    that its an ideal place for me to do so.
I've heard people say they troll for lots of
                                    though, and thats just one of mine. 
Anyway, that might make a fun conversation one day.
                                    aims lionheartindeed. E-mail me about it maybe.

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 11:47:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "Kate Faber" <>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Darien, did you get KOSed??!! :(
To: "Rory Trotter" <>

Dear friend Lionheart,

People on MBH are saying you have been KOSed?  Say it isn't so!  I've picked up the trolling of the SFA and it seems to be working.  Your guide to trolling is a big help!  I'm waiting for your return patiently... 

<3 Kate

To clear that one up, yeah I'm KOS'ed, but I'll be back so ^_^

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Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 11:15:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "Kate Faber"   Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Re: It's Kate Faber from Gamefaqs ^_^
To: "Rory Trotter" <>

I got banned again @_@ I'll make a new account soon, and since I know where you post I'll come and find you :)  I'm confused, is your real name Darien Wilde or Rory Trotter, or all those just fake names?.  My real first name is Kate, but not Kate Faber.  She's just the stupid ho that got felt up by Kobe Bryant LOL.  Neways, talk to you soon!  
I've gotten several e -mails about this, so I'll explain. is my friend Rory Trotter's e mail address. However, he gave it to me, and then my sister started using it so now its hers I guess. I'll still get e mail you send there, but it will take a while since she'll have to foward the e mails to me or I'll have to check them. Instead, send all e mails to
I'm updating the site with the updated email address when I'm done with this, but just clearing up any confusion.

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From: "Derek Swingley" <>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: your trolling guide: there and their - know the difference?
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 16:42:36 -0300

You really need to learn how to 
                                    there and their.  You're an idiot...
I would ordinarily do something
                                    incredibly immature like
send this guy w32/sober.f@MM or some random
ass Trojan virus just for fun, but he makes
                                    a valid point.
I do continuously misuse "there" and "their"
                                    throughout this
site, and my other site. In fact, in addition
                                    to that
you'll find numerous other spelling and grammar
errors throughout my site. Guess what: Don't give a fuck. ^_^ If you
are this guy, or someone else who has sent me one of
                                    50 or so emails regarding grammar mistakes on my site,
                                    are you spend too much time talking about Zelda and
                                    and dragons. That's okay though, someone will help
you soon.

From: Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Check out my expert trolling!
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 03:45:51 +0000
                                    I made this topic a while ago and totally forgot about it. BTW, I am 
                                    the troll who emailed you and you put my email up on your site. I wrote 
                                    the longer one that you posted. I change my email addresses almost 
                                    weekly in case you don't recognize the address.
                                    Anyway, your guide does really work! And I even included a link to it 
                                    for everyone to see in that topic I wrote. How stupid are people, 
                                    really? It is up to 70+ posts already and they could have realized I was a 
                                    troll from post 1. I don't think anyone got moderated, but I managed to 
                                    dodge the TOS and waste a lot of people's time during the process. That 
                                    account I used is suspended now for flaming someone 23 times in my 
                                    signature as well as trolling, invading, and disrupting in a few other 
                                    misc. posts. I even got moderated for OTHER one time! And I am still not 
                                    banned! I FUCKING ROCK! And its all thanx to your wonderful guide!
                                    Keep updating the site because it gets more fucking hilarious every 
                                    single time I read it! I even got my friend to do it. He is trolling a 
                                    board filled with people who think they are cat woman and live in a 
                                    I told everyone that your guide was my bible and that trolling was an 
                                    underrated art form. Those fags didn't get it, but fuck them! Who cares 
                                    about those queers? They are the losers talking about video games, 
                                    martial arts, anime, wrestling, TV, and music on message boards! That is so 
                                    lame! I bet they don't even spend time actually doing those things 
                                    since they waste their lives all day trying to brag to others about how 
                                    cool they think they are. What a bunch of nerds.
                                    You are god.
Well thanks. I'm glad to know that my site is helping
                                    get better at trolling. I posted this e mail
because this guy is indeed a damn good troll, and
                                    its not gone by the time you read this,
anyone reading this should indeed check out this
                                    display of trolling. wrote:

I have e-mailed you almost countless times already. But, I am either going
to have to improve my own skills dramatically or retire from the
business for good. I was so close to destroying the PS2 general board. My
brother and I started a fad there. People started posting their "favorite"
games. They knew that these games were almost universally hated, but
they posted them anyway just to piss people off. We did this for like a
week straight and then it caught on with the other users. They defended
their opinion about the games, but not as hilariously as we did. But
the board vets knew that our style was catching on and they HATED it.
This fad almost killed off all board morale and tainted everyone's
relationships with each other. Anyway, my accounts "Doomed in Space", "Emperor
Won Qu", and "I see fragged people" were all banned overnight. Me and
my brother shared these accounts and we used the same computer and ISP.
My writing style consisted of near perfect spelling and grammar. He
mispelled almost every word he wrote and made grammar mistakes almost
constantly during his sentences. But it wasn't our writing styles that got
us banned. It was our opinions about stuff in general that were too
similar, so we got caught in the act! I also think we may have joked
around about sharing our multiple accounts in a few posts of ours. DO NOT DO
THIS EVER. Even if you are joking around, doing this will definitely
get you banned no matter what if there is someone taking their time to
prove it to the moderators. I thought that since our grammar style was so
different from each other that people would think we were different
people. I believe your guide already covered this, but I guess we had to
think AND act differently as well. We thought that if we were fast,
furious, and relentless with our attacks that we would be too much for the
moderators and (L)users to keep up with. Appare!
ntly, we
were wrong. Some loser, most likely eternalflames, stayed up all night
tracking down all of our old messages from really old topics trying to
get us banned. Now he is posting "I'm leaving" like messages all over
the boards to try to prove to everyone just how mature he is for
ignoring us now and moving on with his life even though he claims he was off
to go read some gay RPG novel! WHAT A LOSER! Well, we have learned our
lessons well. Me and my bro should either pretend to think differently
than each other, or work out on different boards than each other. We
should also delete our old messages so losers like eternalflames don't
hunt them down and mark them once the point is sent across to them. We
have learned many things this week. Never announce a board war/invasion!
Gamefaqs takes that much more seriously than flaming, trolling, and
offensive posting. If you are going to invade a board, just do it subtly.
Announcing a board war sent me straight to "purgatory" (WTF!?)
overnight. Also, flaming people in your sig is far less harshly moderated than
flaming someone in your posted messages. My sig flamed someone in like
20 different posts one night and it never lost me a point of karma.
Eternalflames merely told us to grow up during a discussion and he lost 10
karma and was WARNED. I had my signature a little something like
this... "What happens when fat American kids who think they are Japanese play
with magic markers?" with a link to eternalflames gay looking FFX

I think this speaks for itself. Although I would like to point out the
hair he shaved off of his arm (wow that is so gay) so that he could
show off the tattoo completely, the video game character posters on his
wall (they are gay FYI) that he probably doesn't even know a damn thing
about, and some of his video game collection that he is probably just
showing off to impress people (this is moderately gay). Did I mention
that this fag, eternalflames, admitted on the boards that he masturbates
to video game characters and weeps at emotional cinematics during his
Fun stuff. Well anyway, trying to destroy a board like the Playstation 2 board is hard as all hell, since there are a constant influx of new users coming in who have just bough ps2's (or are having problems with it). However, it is easier to get away with stuff there, so its a good place to troll. Just letting you know it could be pretty hard to kill such a big board. As for the signature thing, if its actually in your profile you might be looking at a suspension depending on the moderator, but of you are just writing it in then that is indeed a very smart tactic. Props to you. As for the FFX guy, I've gotten your other e mails as well, and I have to say that you are doing a better job trolling this guy than I've seen some of the best trolls do. He's angry, desperate and annoyed. You're already one of my favorite trolls to watch, as you seem to think of  alot of original and creative ways to troll. Look foward to seeing some more of your stuff. Peace.

From: ******* to Address Book
Subject: I am trolling the martial arts and heavy metal boards
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 16:17:28 +0000

I made up an art style called FRAG FU! HOW FUCKING FUNNY IS THAT? Some 
                                    people took it seriously and some people ignored it. The point is, I 
                                    didn't get moderated for making up a martial arts style. I also issued a 
                                    challenge to people, a FRAGFEST! I said the government allowed me to 
                                    blow up people with my bare hands as long as they signed a form.
                                    I made a topic called Korn's One is better than Metallica's One on the 
                                    heavy metal board. This doesn't even need an explanation, although I 
                                    will tell you that people flipped out AND the topic never got moderated.

This is a perfect example of use of intermediate level trolling tactics to annoy a good deal of users. I'm going to try and put up a few topics made by this guy, because he does a great job.