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Darien Wilde aka Lionheart's guide to trolling. ^_^
9.) The Voice of Reason
Advanced level trolling tactics (update April 17, 2007)
1.) The Board Critic
2.) The Newbie
3.) The board Elitist/Vet
4.) The Troll Slayer
5.) The Flunky
6.) The "Girl"
7.) The Hardcore Flamer/Bad Ass
8.) The Average User
9.) The Voice of Reason
10.) The Followers
11.) The Other Trolls
12.) The Leader
13.) The Moderator
14.) The Hacker
15.) Hybrids
16.) The Spectator
Trolling 101
17.) The troll wannabe
Other trolls say:
Intermediate level trolling tactics

Trolling is an art form, and there are a lot of things to know about it. I will cover all of those things on this site. If you need help with anything else, ask me. Contact me at


9.) The voice of reason: This is the guy who tries to get reason to stop you from trolling, asking questions like "Why do you do it?" and "Can't you please just leave us alone?"


Tips on how to deal with him: These guys are fun to mess with. Let them hang around. If you really want to have some fun, then answer there questions. Tell them why you troll, and answer there questions, but keep trolling. Or better yet, make fun of them, playing the role of somebody who needs there analysis and help. After a week of trolling though, you'll get bored with them or they with you and you'll be better of ignoring them. These guys will never getting banned for flaming or get upset by you, but they won't cause you any problems either. Eventually, if you troll long enough they'll lose interest in the board and leave. They actually have lives unlike the others on the board you're trolling, and they'll go to those lives if there favorites boards no longer interest them. They haven't become full blown nerds left, and are either just losing there lives or still in a stage of being about to lose them. You can still help them.


Difficulty: 2/10

This is from the same of a similar topic. I open with a textbook troll, and watch the results. In this instance, we deal with the voice of reason.
Martial Arts
Now that Djimbe has arrived I have a challenge to make. ^_^
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From: Legendary Lionheart | Posted: 2/10/2004 8:57:38 AM | Message Detail
My name for those who don't know, is Darien Wilde, and me and my friend Rory would both like to challenge you in matches. We need a time, and a date, and reasonable place to meet. Baring in mind that we live in Chicago, where is a reasonable place that we can meet and face each other in a match, an anything goes match, so I can use my Darien Fu and you can use your CMA. My friend Rory, who is also making his own art, will make Rory Fu. Lastly, my sister Jennifer wants to know if Tigerfly practices, because if so she would like to face Tigerfly in a match as well. Otherwise she says you will suffice, assuming you will face a girl. Surely Djimber will not back down from this challenge and it will happen sometime in March
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Here he comes. He wants to convince me that what I am doing is wrong. He tries to use reason, although a tinge of sarcsm implies that maybe he doesn't really believe this will work. You see, the voice of reason in this case has likely tried to reason with trolls and failed before.
From: Emevas | Posted: 2/10/2004 12:41:12 PM | Message Detail
My question which I pose to all trolls;


What enjoyment do you get out of annoying people? Do you spend a lot of time plotting and planning your next attempt to annoy people? Do you think to yourself what you'll do the next time you're on Gamefaqs while you sit in on your HS History class?

How much time and energy have you invested in your endeavor to make up a fake story about a fake martial art? Do you spend more than a few seconds coming up with the titles to your dances?

Is this one of the only forms of entertainment you have in your life? Do you have an IRL equivalent to trolling? Do you go around your school and try to bring up controversial topics?

Basically why? Why is it that you feel the need to annoy a forum of posters who simply want to discuss martial arts with some amount of maturity?

I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm putting off writing my Philo paper right now.
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This is a rare but very enjoyable hybrid. He is a mix of the critic and the voice of reason, although the voice of reason is clearly more evident in this instance. Regardless, this user tries to reason with me by showing me the "sillyness" of my actions. Rather than point out that he is typing about martial arts on a message board however, I will instead ignore him. I could humor myself by poking fun at him, but the topic has by this point gotten to the point where I don't have the time. By dealing with this user in a mature manner, I have not only stifled his hope of resolving this conflict, but I've also made him waste his time too. He's outside right now, finally off the computer for the first time in months thanks to me. ^_^