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Darien Wilde aka Lionheart's guide to trolling. ^_^
1.) The Board Critic
Advanced level trolling tactics (update April 17, 2007)
1.) The Board Critic
2.) The Newbie
3.) The board Elitist/Vet
4.) The Troll Slayer
5.) The Flunky
6.) The "Girl"
7.) The Hardcore Flamer/Bad Ass
8.) The Average User
9.) The Voice of Reason
10.) The Followers
11.) The Other Trolls
12.) The Leader
13.) The Moderator
14.) The Hacker
15.) Hybrids
16.) The Spectator
Trolling 101
17.) The troll wannabe
Other trolls say:
Intermediate level trolling tactics

Trolling is an art form, and there are a lot of things to know about it. I will cover all of those things on this site. If you need help with anything else, ask me. Contact me at

Board Critic
This is a picture of what he looks like

2.) Board Critic: There is always one of these. He's the user that will come into the topic and call you a bad troll. He'll either tell you that you have no life, give you some "trolling rating" (which will always be low), yawn, and he'll ALWAYS insult your abilities as a troll in general, doing such things as calling you a bad troll. Also, this guy will try to tell you that you have no life because you troll. Ignore him. He doesn't realize that its him with no life, and that you're trying to help him. Let him realize it himself in time.


Tips on how to deal with him: Don't listen to him. Don't even acknowledge that he called you a bad troll. Remember, this guy is trying to annoy you by chipping at your ego. So long as you have annoyed some users in the topic, or have annoyed some user in general with your tactics, then you have already clearly proved his point wrong/null-void. Continue your trolling, and either ignore him or twist his words. This will get him going most of the time. If you really haven't annoyed anyone in a topic, then you're a bad troll, of that topic isn't working. Let it go and try again. Chances are he's bluffing though.


Difficulty: 6/10

Here is an example. In this instance, I am trolling by issuing a challenge to a person who is respected on the board. Now this board is used to trolls, but pissing them off is easy since they are mostly vets. In this instance, here is an example of a board critic, or number 1. But first, I post my message, waiting for the flames.


Now that Djimbe has arrived I have a challenge to make. ^_^

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From: Legendary Lionheart | Posted: 2/10/2004 4:49:38 PM | Message Detail
My name for those who don't know, is Darien Wilde, and me and my friend Rory would both like to challenge you in matches. We need a time, and a date, and reasonable place to meet. Baring in mind that we live in Chicago, where is a reasonable place that we can meet and face each other in a match, an anything goes match, so I can use my Darien Fu and you can use your CMA. My friend Rory, who is also making his own art, will make Rory Fu. Lastly, my sister Jennifer wants to know if Tigerfly practices, because if so she would like to face Tigerfly in a match as well. Otherwise she says you will suffice, assuming you will face a girl. Surely Djimber will not back down from this challenge and it will happen sometime in March
Axed: 3 times Accounts Lost: 133
Number of peeps I've owned people: Countless
Now, the board critic will respond below. Rather than get upset, Ill ignore him, or compliment him. If I'm doing a good job of trolling I'll prove his point null and void mommentarily.
From: solomon kane | Posted: 2/10/2004 9:07:26 PM | Message Detail
I give this troll attempt 2/10.


In short you have none, What is this stupid dancing lionheart thing anyway- it is pointless and lacks any form of style.
The only thing it does is label you as a dork, my advice would be to think of a better angle to present your trolling remarks.

you issue fake challenges? what kind of crap is that? it is not shocking and immediately just makes you say "oh boy another one". Doesn't piss people off or make them want to respond to flames. At best you provide people the chance to make fun of what you post to provide the rest of the board with a joke, not anger them.

"you have a challenge to make"? piss poor title- doesn't grab my attention at all- no you need to do ALOT BETTER!

well, you have done nothing- you get no bonus, don't pass start don't collect $200.
"You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."
Al Capone.

Now look here. This is actually a message from another topic, but it gets the job done. This user states I'm making him angry, thus showing that I am in fact not doing a bad job at trolling.

From: Coldfire2050 | Posted: 2/11/2004 8:30:24 AM | Message Detail
Hell, Im in chicago, and If I wasnt still recoving from an injury, I would quiet this blowhard real quick...pisses me off, wouldnt mind smackin someone around for a while.
"If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker"


By keeping your cool and ignoring the board critic, you allow him to own himself. The board critic has seen this post, and realizes now that his idea of me being a bad troll is null and void. Occasionally, the board critic will be joined my more board critics new to the topic, but you can handle them in much the same way. Typically, when owned, a board critic will degenerate into a very bad flamer, and at this point you can wait for the moderations to start pouring in.

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