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Darien Wilde aka Lionheart's guide to trolling. ^_^
6.) The "Girl"
Advanced level trolling tactics (update April 17, 2007)
1.) The Board Critic
2.) The Newbie
3.) The board Elitist/Vet
4.) The Troll Slayer
5.) The Flunky
6.) The "Girl"
7.) The Hardcore Flamer/Bad Ass
8.) The Average User
9.) The Voice of Reason
10.) The Followers
11.) The Other Trolls
12.) The Leader
13.) The Moderator
14.) The Hacker
15.) Hybrids
16.) The Spectator
Trolling 101
17.) The troll wannabe
Other trolls say:
Intermediate level trolling tactics

Trolling is an art form, and there are a lot of things to know about it. I will cover all of those things on this site. If you need help with anything else, ask me. Contact me as

The Girl
This is what he looks like

6.) The "Girl": This is the guy that pretends to be a girl on the message board, and all the other nerds want to go out with thanks to the fake picture he posted of himself. He'll always try and act "feminine" by being mature about a situation and using big words. He'll have either a very boyish user name, or a username no female would ever be caught dead with, or a parody of there really name, like lisanne, or mighty marissa, or teen catslave.


Tips on how to deal with him: Refer to him as a he all the time. He'll get angry, and insist he's a girl. Then he'll complain to the mods. If they start doing something about the gender miscalculating you're doing, stop it but keep up with your trolling, and imply in the smallest ways that he's a guy. This will push him over the edge, and he'll eventually flame you and get banned. Best part is that even if this user falls in to the 5 percent of "girls" on the net that are really girls (hi sis) they will still get mad by your tactics and flame you.


Difficulty: 6/10

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